Experiencing superior taste in food brings us so much joy. It leaves no surprise that certain dishes are repeatedly consumed by loyal customers. Little do they know that the essence to every meal truly is in the sauces that we blend! Here at WeBlend Incorporated, we create signature sauces and seasonings for industries where taste preferences and food trends continually evolve. 

Since discovering the growing demand for sauces and condiments, we were established in 2014 by our affiliate, Abmarac Corporation, the manufacturer of Caramba hot sauces, which started in 1998. Through our expertise, we have the experience of making over 60 signature sauces and counting. From meat marinades to dessert toppings, the capacity for blending flavors is limitless!

The value of our services has gained the success of trust and loyalty from our beloved clients. As we produce in great quality and deliver timely bulk orders, we provide the convenience of an extended kitchen to produce better work efficiency, saving more effort, space, and time for businesses to run smoothly. Not to mention, the best prices we carefully formulate for you.  


We gladly provide our clients with premium quality products, personal convenience, exceptional customer service, value for money and very flavorful experiences!